Africa is the youngest continent on the planet – with an average age of 19.7 years. And increasingly, youth are making their impact felt across all areas of society – from arts & entertainment to sports & even politics. More and more, young people are defining Africa’s reality & shaping its future.

Fashion is one of our tools. Through our clothing, we reveal who we are & who we aspire to be. Through style, we assert ourselves in society. By taking charge of how we look, we’re beginning the lifelong process of defining ourselves & our continent before the world.

So, by default, Africa’s youth are hectic shoppers. In the midst of wars, political & economic instability – we find a way to buy the goods that help us affirm who we are. In spite of health scares & pandemics, we insist on obtaining the clothes & accessories that keep us in style.

This may not sound very ‘woke’ – as we say nowadays. It may not reflect a mindset which is politically correct. But it’s the truth. Like all youth around the planet, African young people want to look good. We’re a beautiful people – so we deserve it.

But are we getting quality to go along with our beauty?

For many years, Africans have been ignored by the major brands & retailers which are popular around the globe. Across the continent, many of us have been forced to travel abroad to get premium brands – draining our time & our money in the process. Luxury shopping shouldn’t be so exhausting.
We need easier access to premium products. We need better gateways to leading brands.

EcoStore is the answer. As Africa’s leading online shopping portal, we bring the world’s iconic brands to your doorstep. Through our partnerships with over 200 retail stores in the US & the UK, we ensure the quality & craftsmanship that define true fashion. Wherever you are across Africa, we make sure your products get to you – safely & securely – backed by DHL, the world’s premiere courier.

Luxury shopping is about making dreams come true. As Africa’s youth, we dream big. We want the very best that the world has to offer. And, having come of age in an era of unprecedented opportunity – we want it now.

As EcoStore’s management team, we understand this – because we’re young people ourselves. Young men & women who dream big – and who thirst for the finer things in life as part of who we are. And that’s why we’re so excited to bring you EcoStore.

Enjoy shopping with EcoStore

Written by: Sinenhlanhla Zulu

Edited by: Thomas Mabande

Published by : MFM

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